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saiyukiroleplay's Journal

Saiyuki Role Play
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Welcome to a Saiyuki Role Playing Community! If you love Saiyuki, love to role play, and agree to the terms/regulations listed below, feel free to join up and join the adventure!


1.) Stay in character!! (And keep things PG-13.)

2.) Be kind/considerate to all the other members of the community. The characters may fight, but that's no reason for the players to. XD

3.) NO yaoi, yuri, shounen-ai/shoujo-ai, please!!

4.) NO made-up characters. (Unless they are strictly for plot purposes only and have been ok-ed by me. The only OC at the moment is the villain, Aoiinu.)

5.) Post spoilers behind an LJ-Cut. (Any type of spoiler, no matter from what series. XD We have players who are watching all different parts of the series'.)

5.) While the community is just getting started, please only apply for one character. You can apply for any character, so long as they are not already taken. (If you apply for a character who has already died, come up with a logical reason as to why they're still around.)

6.) To apply for a character, please e-mail me and state the character you want. Then make an introductory post for yourself, stating which character you're going to be playing. As soon as we get a decent number of characters, we can start! XD

7.) Have fun!

A Few Other Things:

(*) Knowledge of most of Gensomaden Saiyuki (the first series) is recomended, but it's not required. Just be wary that you might run into a spoiler now and again if you haven't seen the whole first series yet. XD;

(*) You don't have to create a new journal for your character's posts unless you want to, but it is advised that you at least have an icon with your character's picture in it for his/her posts. (And to save room for your usual icons, getting a second/whatever journal is usually a good option. XD)


A immortal from the Saiyuki gang's heavenly past (Aoiinu) has decided to get back at the four for something they did to him 500 years ago. He makes a deal with Kougaiji, granting him access to a secret power his posesses in return for the Sanzo Party's demise. (Which is a good deal for Kougaiji, since that's his mission anyway. XD)

(If you have any ideas or suggestions, suggest away!)


Genjo Sanzo - Oro (yamiskuribo)

Cho Hakkai - SK (sksetokaiba)

Sha Gojyo - Yaminah/Chaos (yaminah)

Son Goku - (Currently being played by orangeeagle)

Yaone - Kellen (yaone_rp)

Kougaiji - Cinnie (crazydiamond_)

Aoiinu - SK (SKDarkDragon)

Lirin - Orange Eagle (orangeeagle)

Dokugakuji - Juunana-chan (bandanna_boy_17)